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Since 1975, Priority Logistics has been serving Chicagoland and the surrounding area. From package pick-up and delivery, to mail and envelope service, can Priority Logistics help you...

Priority Logistics, Inc. / Priority Messenger Service, Inc. has been serving Chicagoland and the surrounding area since 1975. Our standard is and has always been to provide service that not only meets but also exceeds expectations.  Over the years we have shown the flexibility and creativity to customize service in order to meet specific needs. When special projects arise Priority has the motivation and capability to go beyond the call of duty to serve you and your customers.

We believe the experience, equipment and driver we offer far exceeds what others provide.  Proactive and accurate information separates us from our competition.  We are available when others are not, including Christmas and Easter Sunday. We understand service profiles and that changing requirements require flexibility. We offer that flexibility and build service around your needs.

Priority provides dedicated drivers, on demand and scheduled transportation services, warehousing, distribution, cross-dock, among other transportation related services. Priority is an IAC tendering shipments for air transportation in compliance with TSA security measures. We also provide expedited service from an envelope to a truckload within the 48 states. 

Through our partnerships with other like-minded companies we can also provide almost unlimited resources. Whether you have an envelope you need delivered now or a truckload across the country we can meet your needs.

  • Van Service
  • LTL Service
  • Hot Shot Direct
  • Nationwide Sevice
  • Warehouse/ Storage

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